Cleaning Solar Panel for Better Performance

So it has been a while since your solar panels were installed, now its time to think about the necessary cleaning to help it perform at its best.

It is possible for you to clean the solar panel by yourself or you can get the help of the professionals for cleaning the solar panel. Cleaning the solar panel is similar to cleaning of the windshield of your car as it also comes with glass coating that protects the solar cells.

Over time dust, pollution and bird droppings can accumulate on the panels surface preventing sunlight from reaching the cells.  Dust and dirt is a huge contributor in the functionality and efficiency of the solar panels so it is important that this is addressed.

We have collated a number of ways that you can easily clean your solar panels. Here are some methods:

Cleaning Yourself

It is possible for you to clean the solar panel by yourself very easily. You can clean it in a similar fashion as how you would clean your car. Make sure that you use some warm water and dishwashing soap for removing the dirt that is accumulated in the glasses of the solar panel.

Make sure you clean the solar power pipe fittings as well while you’re at it!

Using Solar Panel Cleaning Services

If you are time poor or cannot physically fulfil this task, then you can get the help of a professional, solar panel cleaning service so they can clean and assess the amount of electricity produced. You should ask your local electrician before attempting to clean any electrical outlets.

Usage of Nano Cleaning

You can make use of nano products for cleaning the solar panel so that the frequency of cleaning can be reduced to a substantial level. It is possible for the individuals to make use of such kind of the cleaning process so that they can really get amazing and good results.

If you are in an area where there is frequent rain, then the usage of nano product can make it possible for you to entitle the job of cleaning the solar panel to the rain. If you are in an area where there is less rain, then it is possible for you to make use of air hose or garden hose so that you can clean the solar panel well and in good way.

Using Cleaning Robot

It is possible for you to make use of the robots for cleaning the solar panels. These are the robots that are really better for getting the finest kind of services. You can get the robot from a good brand so that you can get the solar panel to be cleaned.

Usage of Automated Self Cleaning Technology

In the case of the public or commercial sites, it is possible for you to make use of the technology that performs self cleaning automatically.

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