Solar Panels Built on an Adelaide Indian Restaurant

With the explosion of solar in Australia, it’s no surprise that a lot of restaurants are signing up to take advantage of the cheap energy it provides.

We’ve come across this one indian restaurant adelaide that has some amazing solar panels.

In return for us featuring them on here, they’ve asked us to add in some information about Indian restaurants, and their tips on how to find a good one.

We’re very happy to share it here!

Indian restaurants

Adelaide has seen the most phenomenal growth in its food scene over recent years. Now regarded as one of the top Australian cities to eat out in, there’s a huge variety of cuisines and locals are spoilt for choice on places to eat. Whether it’s breakfast with friends, a casual lunch or a formal dinner there’s something for everyone.

One of the most popular cuisines is Indian food. It’s often a popular choice for group bookings – whether that’s a large family celebration or the annual office party.

Ask Friends and Family

Indian restaurants seem to attract regulars like no other cuisine can. Ask anyone in your local area who is a fan of Indian food and they’re likely to tell you their favourite place to eat, as well as possibly their favourite thing on the menu.

Indian Restaurants

  • Find The Best Area

Often similar cuisines cluster in similar areas of the city. There are a number of good Indian restaurants on Unley Road and of course the ultra special Jasmin’s in the city itself is incredibly popular for a special occasion.

Small Wine Lists

Truly authentic Indian restaurants won’t have extensive wine lists. This is something that you can apply to your hunt for a good Indian in any city. It’s all about the freshness and flavours of the food – the wine isn’t that important here.

Indian solar panesl

Take Away or Eat In?

If you fancy trying out some of the Indian restaurants but you’re on a strict budget, why not opt to take away? This can reduce the overall price of your evening – especially once you take off tips, drinks and extras such as babysitting if you have young kids. The majority of the Indian restaurants in Adelaide also offer a take out and delivery service so it’s a great way to try the food.

Explore Explore Explore

There are so many Indian restaurants around Adelaide that it could take some exploring before you find your favourite. From Glenelg to Oaklands Road and the Western suburbs, make sure you branch out and see what you can find. Once you’re at the restaurant, always explore the menu too and ask for recommendations from the waiters so that you don’t stick to your usual order every time!